The time of divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences anyone could ever go though.  Divorce can take a physical, mental and financial drain out of anyone.  It is therefore important to have somewhat of an understanding before proceeding.  Having even a basic understanding of the steps and stages can make things easier and even streamline some of the process.  The idea of self-education in the legal process may save you some time, which ultimately can save you money with legal fees.

The Federal Government of Canada shares oversight of family law files with the respective provinces and territories.  The Divorce Act is a federal piece of legislative law, yet there are aspects of separation and divorce where the provinces and territories will have a say.  Particularly with issues related to child support amounts and figures.

With separations being the first and most recognized early step in the divorce process, the concept of a separation agreement is becoming more relevant.  Quite often, couples in the process of ending their marriages, whether common-law or not are entering into these agreements.  The ultimate aim of these agreements could be to establish the preliminary grounds for an eventual divorce.  Many separation agreements are often drafted with spousal and mutually agreed child support arrangements in mind.  Although the child support guidelines and the court judges will have the final say in all divorce proceedings, separation agreements will set a foundation allowing court to possibly exercise less time in issuing the divorce certificate.

With Courts already working well beyond capacity, couples who are commencing divorce actions are strongly encouraged to look at alternative dispute resolution methods.  Some provinces and territories are moving in this direction.  Ontario has been pro-active in encouraging people to pursue mediation and positive movement on matters.  They have printed out a significant amount of self-help brochures which are continually being updated.  It is at the provincial court of Ontario where you can also find the forms needed to commence divorce proceedings.  If you are part of a couple that is proceeding with divorce on agreed terms, you can also file your agreements with the court and ensure they meet with any required court compliance rules. 

You may be able to save hundreds $$$ by using this simple Do-it-yourself Separation Agreement Wizard.

Disclaimer: This website is here for informative and educational purposes only.  It is not meant to replace the qualified advice of legal counsel.  If you have questions about Divorce in Ontario or any other legal matters, you are highly encouraged to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.